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NATO and Russia to start "nuclear war" simultaneously

Russian Armed Forces began staff training of strategic nuclear weaponry.

According to the first Deputy of the General Staff Colonel-General Yuri Baluevsky, their main goal is to conduct “practical training of strategic nuclear forces as well as general-purpose forces.”

Chief of the General Staff Army General Anatoly Kvashin along with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov will both lead the training program, reports ITAR-TASS.

Despite the grand scale of the “nuclear war training”, Russian military authorities are sure that the Soviet-American agreement is not violated.

Russian has not received any accusations from the US regarding any violations of the pact concerning strategic weapons, claims Yuri Baluevsky. (RIA “Novosti”) 

“According to the strategic weapons agreement, Russia must inform its partners 14 days in advance before conducting strategic trainings with the use of strategic bombers, says Baluevsky. According to him, “The training program is not covered in the agreement.”

Russia is not going to stop at this point. Yuri Balevsky states that in 2004 and 2005 Russia will conduct a joined training program with NATO in the sphere of anti-missile defense.  “The training will take place in 2004 in one of the countries of the alliance. In 2005 however the training will take place on the Russian territory,” said he. 

Baluevsky also mentioned that in the course of the training program, they will “look for solutions to fight tactical missiles instead of ballistic ones.”


Sources: Information agencies