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Former President of Serbian Republic To Be Poisoned

Biljana Plavsic claims she is forced to breathe polluted air in her cell

Former President of the Serbian republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 72-year-old Biljana Plavsic has been found guilty of "committing war crimes in Bosnia." The Hague Tribunal jailed her in the Swedish prison Hinsenberg. Plavsic stated in her telephone interview to a correspondent of the Politika newspaper that she was being kept in the prison under life-threatening conditions. Plavsic has already been hospitalized twice since the beginning of September. She affirmed that she cannot breathe normally in jail, because the factory nearby pollutes the atmosphere and the poisonous air comes into her cell. The air is polluted with sulfate compounds discharged from the factory and their constituent exceeds the norm 20 times.

Carla del Ponte will continue her campaign. Next week, del Ponte is to visit Kosovo. In addition, she has recently accused the government of the Serbia of taking no measures to catch and arrest Serbian leaders guilty of war crimes (former Serbian President Radovan Karadzic, first and foremost).