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Author`s name Michael Simpson

SOS: Plague Hits Kazakhstan

Last reported cases of plague were registered in Kazakhstan in 2001
As it became known on Tuesday, the other day five men were taken to hospital on suspicion of plague in Kazakhstan's Mangistaussky Region. The people said they ate camel meat. In two days after they ate the meat they felt bad, came to the hospital and were given a suggested diagnosis saying they suffered from plague. A group of doctors from the Kazakhstan Health Care Ministry came to the region to define the diagnosis more exactly.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of the Kazakhstan Health Care Ministry's sanitary and hygienic department Albert Askarov that within one day 91 people were taken to hospitals for a preventive examination on suspicion of plague. The people taken to the hospital contacted those five ones who were given the diagnosis of plague.

For the time being, the hospital and the settlement of Tauchik where the five men suffering with plague lived are under control of the local police. According to Kazakhstan Health Care Ministry, last reported cases of plague were registered in Kazakhstan in 2001.