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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Ukraine faces another major political crisis as orange coalition breaks up

The orange coalition does no longer make the majority in the Supreme Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament. Two deputies – Igor Rybakov of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc – and Yury But of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-defense – announced their decision Friday to leave the coalition. Deputies have only one month to form the new coalition majority. Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko will have a right to dissolve the parliament afterwards.

The chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, Arseny Yatsenyuk, immediately realized that the orange coalition was about to collapse. He read out Rybakov’s and But’s statements to leave the coalition and then said: “I want to say only one thing. I wish these people came to their senses.”

According to the Ukrainian legislation the coalition in the Supreme Rada will end its existence in the event the number of deputies included in the coalition becomes smaller than a half of the parliament structure. There were 227 deputies in the orange coalition before the above-mentioned politicians decided to leave it. There are 450 deputies in the parliament of Ukraine in total. Now the democratic coalition will have to win at least one deputy over to its side.

Otherwise, the Party of Regions will have a full right to form the new coalition in a month. In this case the government chaired by Yulia Tymoshenko will have to be dismissed.

The deputies’ pull out from the orange coalition did not become a surprise for Viktor Yanukovich. The official said that he did not even know those two deputies personally.

“To be honest, it was not a surprise to me at all. We did not put any effort in this at all. I think the deputies made that decision themselves. Even if they consulted someone, that was not someone from the opposition,” Yanukovich said.

Yanukovich did not say whether the Party of Regions was going to conduct negotiations to reform the coalition.

Valery Pisarenko, a deputy of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Bloc, believes that the decision of the two deputies will not lead to legal consequences for the coalition. “It is a political statement, which can not have legal consequences,” he said.

The deputy said that the deputies’ decision would not break the orange coalition up.

However, an official spokesman for Ukraine’s Supreme Rada, Alexander Yefremov, said that the decisions of the two deputies to pull out from the parliamentary coalition indicated to its collapse. “It means that the coalition has broken up in accordance with Article 66 of Provisional Regulations of the Supreme Rada,” he said.

According to Yefremov, if the coalition stops its existence, it will be legally confirmed and no further steps will be made to restore the coalition. In this case the Party of Regions will have to participate in the talks to form the new coalition within one month period.

Source: agencies