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Moldovan parliament appoints president of National Bank - 26 September, 2002

The parliament of Moldova has appointed Thursday Leonid Talmach as president of the National Bank for another seven years.

Right after the appointment Leonid Talmach stated in an interview with RIA Novosti that the National bank of Moldova will continue the same monetary policy as it pursues today. "Novations will relate only to the adoption of the law on household deposit guarantee," he specified.

Talmach underscored that the banking reform has been virtually completed in Moldova, i.e. financial accounting and reporting, as well as supervision indicators have been brought in compliance with international standards.

The National Bank president also noted close cooperation with the Central Bank of Russia with which a number of agreements on bank supervision, on mutual payments, and other, have been signed.

Leonid Talmach, 54, a graduate of the Leningrad financial institute, was at the sources of setting up the National Bank of Moldova, becoming its head in 1991. Experts believe that Talmach's major desert is the stability of the national currency - leu - over the past few years.

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