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The Greatest Battle of World War II Took Place 60 Years Ago - 3 February, 2003 - Comments

This battle became the crucial moment of the bloodiest war in history. Part II I have never been a solider, I have never even been to a recruiting department. What do I have in common with all of that? What do we have to do about it? We are like the extras of this real stupidity. What the hell is that heroic death about? I have died dozens of times on stage, but it was only a performance! There is a huge difference between the death on stage and the real death! Death is supposed to be heroic, it is supposed to evoke enthusiastic feelings. People should know that they die for a great idea, but how does it look here? They just kick off here, die of hunger and cold, this is a biological fact. People fall here like flies, and no one even looks at those dead bodies, it does not occur to anyone that they should be buried. They are lying everywhere with no heads, no arms, no legs. I do not want to take part in all of that. I feel no happiness, when I think that I will decay in this mass grave

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