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The War May Entail Ecological Disaster in the World - Comments

Americans and the allies are going to proceed with the usage of ammunition with depleted uranium as danger of such ammunition for the health of soldiers hasn’t been confirmed When Iraqi troops abandoned Kuwait in 1991, they carried out Saddam’s order to set about 700 oil wells on fire. And what ecologists saw on that place surpassed the worst expectations. The smog concentration in the air exceeded all possible norms 30 times. About three barrels of oil burnt out in the burning wells every day, which made up approximately 5% of the daily world consumption of oil. Black clouds went up to the height of up to 3 kilometers and were spread far beyond the borders of Kuwait. It was within a whole year that black rains containing the poisonous mixture of sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitric acid and hydrocarbon fell not only in Kuwait and Iraq, but also in Saudi Arabia and Iran

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