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Attempts to accuse Russia’s Ex-president Yeltsin of crimes during 1991-1999 - Comments

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council, member of the Duma’s special commission for procedure observance and validity of accusations against Russia’s ex-president Boris Yeltsin, and deputy of the Volgograd region, Alexander Kulikov, has addressed Public Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov. In addition, he handed over all the necessary documents. He asked for the institution of legal proceedings against Boris Yeltsin and an investigation of the period under his rule of 1991–1999 concerning grave crimes. The deputy recalled of that several years ago, a special commission accused Boris Yeltsin of several crimes: weakening of the Russian Federation, organization of a coup d’etat by force in 1993, launching hostilities in Chechnya, abuse of the presidential authorities, and genocide against the Russian people.

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