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New Chinese Diet for Losing Weight

Doctors in Ancient China set a priority of prophylaxis of diseases
If it is a problem for you to lose weight and get slender, then you should better study your organism. Our journalist talked to leading specialist of the Chinese Medicine Center in Moscow, Viktoria Belova. The ancient Chinese said that a healthy man cannot gain weight. But an organism can be healthy only if a human lives in accordance with the individual peculiarity of the organism. The Chinese Medical Center keeps up to this principle while working with clients.

- What are the peculiarities of the organism?

Doctors in Ancient China set a priority of prophylaxis of diseases. Prophylaxis is based upon the principle of treating the human organism as a single whole where five kinds of energy are created, then circulate and interact.

From birth every man has a key organ that is responsible for the man's health; this organ is particularly vulnerable at a definite season. At that, we mean not only one organ but an entire system depending on the organ. For example, according to the Chinese medicine, the spleen includes the organ itself, muscles, the adipose tissue and the mouth. The spleen turns food from the stomach into a nutrient mixture. It strictly controls that every organ and muscle must get a required amount of nutrition. If the spleen is in good condition, the organism assimilates food better; the good condition of this organ makes muscles elastic, minimizes fat sediments and makes the face skin healthy.

People whose main organ is the spleen are inclined to overeating and adiposity. Their stomachs are weak, muscles are flabby; these people suffer from mouth and skin problems. As a rule, all diseases become more intense in late summer.

Every organ has its second half, the same way as husbands have their wives and wives have their husbands. The liver is interrelated with the urinary bladder; the lungs are interrelated with the thick bowels and the heart is interrelated with the thin bowels. These organs function like a "family couple". Do you remember the hierarchy of family relations? Men earn money, protect women but still keep the second role in the family. Women are the masters of the house. They control the family budget, do the housekeeping and at that require care and protection. If the couple get on well, help and support each other, then they are called a happy family couple. The same happens in the human organism. A male organ generates energy while the female one regulates and controls it. At that, the first organ protects the second one; in case of a breakdown it receives the blow. This is the reason why all "male" organs - thick and thin bowels, stomach the gall and the urinary bladders - fall out first of all. If a man has poor nutrition then his stomach is the first organ to suffer to further protect the spleen and the pancreas.

In other words, the digestive, immune, endocrine, respiratory and cardiovascular systems must be well-balanced between each other. When the links between the systems break, this causes problems to health, appearance and even emotional condition.

-What do you do when your client is a woman disappointed with the size of her body?

Specialists of the Center apply special computer and pulse diagnostics to identify what system of her organism is unbalanced and causes increase of the fatty tissue. Then a health-improving program is designed especially for this woman, the program will be aimed at liquidation of the cause of her excessive weight. The program includes biologically active compounds produced of food herbs in accordance with the old Chinese recipes. The recipes are unique as they combine the herbs in strict correspondence with the Chinese philosophy about the female and male beginnings in the nature and in the human organism.

They act upon those "family couples" of organs that don't get on with each other and other systems. At that, effectiveness of the medicines is much higher if they are taken at a definite period of a day. The problem is that a day also has the male and the female beginnings. That is why a better period to cure "male" organs is from midnight to 12 a.m., the "female" organs - within 12 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The main idea of this individual method is that we work with the problem of a definite person. We normalize the system that has come out of order; we "insert" this system into the process of organism's self-recovery. So, then the patient starts losing the weight. We keep the daily monitoring of positive changes in her organism and register them. At that we decide whether the daily dose of the medicine should be increased or reduced. We may exclude or add some herb compositions to the daily norm. They are absolutely harmless as they include no chemical components, only natural herbs. Men cannot get used to the herbs the same way as we don't get used to cucumbers, tomatoes and pot-herbs. In addition, the human organism assimilates only those substances that it needs, all the rest simply get out. Finally, this method not only liquidates excessive fat, but it also normalizes the metabolism and improves the whole of the organism.

The Medical Center offers programs that take account of problems of this or that particular patient; the programs are first of all aimed at restoration of the balance in the organism and reviving of the physical harmony of the organism. Leading specialists of Europe work at the Center every day. Even in most complicated situations our computer diagnostics and individual approach to every patient yield wonderful results.

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