Plastic surgery can be lethal

Winner of prestigious beauty contests Katya Sumina has been in the state of coma for almost six months.
The student of Samara Teachers Training University Katya Sumina decided to undergo the surgery on removing the fold from her waist to gain perfect built of figure. During the operation her heart stopped after anesthetic injections. Doctors were able to save the girl’s life, but she has remained unconscious so far.
Katya spent 12 hours in the Samara Laser Center where the surgery took place. Then she was transferred to the Reanimation Department of the City Clinic. Its best doctors were unable to make her recover consciousness, and on September 10 the girl was brought to Moscow by plane.  
Her mother Nadezhda Alekseevna is staying in the hospital and taking care of her daughter. At the end of December the girl turned 23 years old. Her father Vyacheslav Ivanovich came to Moscow on her birthday and New Year holidays. However, these were not holidays for the family stricken with trouble.  Katya is still unconscious.
Katya Sumina is known as one of the most beautiful girls in Samara. She participated in “Miss Russia” regional contest, and came third in 1999 and second in 2000. She is over 180 centimeter tall and weighs more than 65 kilograms. Beautiful,attractive, intelligent. 
Katya received offers from Russian and foreign modelers. But she accepted the proposal of the man she loved and stayed in her home town. She was studying at university and working at advertising agencies. Neither her parents nor her grandmother knew about her intention to have surgery.  
Currently the law enforcers are conducting investigation on this case and court will decide if it was the surgeon’s fault. But there are still many Russian girls dreaming to get rid of extra weight in various centers offering “slim” figure with no “exhaustive” physical exercises. There are options even for people ho are afraid of injections, for example special belts. Just pay, and you will be turned into a beauty. 
Classical understanding of beauty is different from the one imposed by fashion. Probably, for this reason sculpture of Venus has plenty of admirers.

Tastes differ. If you want to advertise clothes and other goods, it is your right to have surgeries. However, the biggest desire for most women is giving birth to a child. 
“Women with optimal weight and no pathologies give birth to healthy children”, says Chief Obstetrician Gynecologist of Samara Svetlana Tsurkan. “There is no use of forbidding such operations – they are practiced all over the world. We should revive the cult of healthy body, ancient people were wise to proclaim it. Ancient Greece created Olympics, not belts for losing weight.
“I attended a consultation in such a Center”, said Katy Chudina, a friend of Katya Sumina. “The doctor strongly recommended me to “tighten” in one spot of the body and “build up” in another one with the help of surgery. “After this consultation I could not gain self-esteem for a long time”.
Probably Katya Sumina was unable to gain her self-esteem after such a consultution.
Alexander Petrov