Author`s name Olga Savka

Laziness generates all other vices

The best remedy for laziness is work

Laziness can be as fast as a virus. If only one “infected” individual appears in a group of people, he or she will make everyone else feel very lazy and relaxed soon. Laziness blocks people's wishes and opportunities, ideas and aspirations. At times it makes people feel useless and unfulfilled. To crown it all, laziness is the right way to obtain all other vices. On the one hand, laziness is evil, which needs to be terminated. On the other hand, one should not hurry, or give way to despair, when displays of laziness are evident and continuous. It is very important to find out where it came from.

Laziness can often result from hard work and fatigue. In this case laziness develops as protection against the total exhaustion. A profound rest is extremely necessary here. All symptoms of laziness will vanish after a while and a lot of energy will appear instead.

Laziness can also be a symptom of a disease. There are a lot of ailments, when an individual can not and does not want to do anything. Laziness can be exercised in endocrine disorders, cardiovascular and digestive illnesses, increased nervousness or anemia. Most likely, special measures are not needed in this case, although careful attention to health will be a way out.

Continuing pessimistic mood, promises without any results, absolutely no satisfaction from any kind of work, inactive lifestyle – these things testify to congenital peculiarity of laziness. However, it does not mean that everything should be left as it is: it is never too late to get rid of laziness. The best remedy for laziness is work. If it is extremely hard to learn to enjoy working, there are several tips how to do it.

Productive planning. A thought-out day schedule may become a good way out. Plans can be put down on paper. At first it will be a game of writing and striking lines out, but then even short breaks will be filled with something useful. As a result, daily work will become a necessity.

New way of looking at things. There can be a motive found in every action of dislike. If housework seems boring, treat it like fitness: washing windows, vacuum-cleaning floors, polishing furniture is a very good physical exercise. There is no wish to go to a gym? Think about the beautiful body that you will have and people's envious looks; if you are not too lazy to think, of course.

The technique of the opposite. If all kinds of kitchen works seem revolting, let everyone know it is your favorite place in the house. In this case you will have to stick to your words to avoid the reputation of a liar. Furthermore, people will probably start giving you ‘kitchen gifts’ to ease the work and make it even pleasant.
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