Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russian entrepreneur claims his rights for Kremlin’s royal treasures and buildings

Many Russian imposters have been attracted to the idea of pronouncing themselves the successors of a royal family or a dynasty to obtain all adequate privileges. The Romanovs continue to emerge here and there claiming that their ancestors survived the Bolshevik execution.

A new descendant of Russia’s ancient tsarist Rurikovich family, a writer and the chairman of the Orthodox Democracy Party, Valery Kubarev, claims that he has a right to obtain the title of a Grand Duke and several buildings of the Moscow Kremlin.

Kubarev posted the address to “the presidents of Russia” on his website on March 31, shortly before Dmitry Medvedev’s inauguration.

“At masons’ and people’s will you have found yourself on the top of the state power of the Russian Federation. A Varangian and a Grand Duke of All Russia, Valery Viktorovich Kubarev is addressing to you. I herewith ask you to make the following state decisions to retrieve the historical justice and stability in Russia,” the newly-made Grand Duke wrote.

“Assign the Faceted Chamber, the Tower Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin and the Rurikovich relic – the Monomakh’s Cap, the crown of the Russian Empire – to my family. Stop anonymous power groups from occupying the Russian Federation,” the “descendant” stated.

“The claims should be met through the decree of the Russian President about the assignment of the above-mentioned property and the imperial insignia to the clan deriving from God. The time for you to make the decisions expires on April 1, 2009,” the “Duke” concluded.

Kubarev published a benediction from the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Aleksi II, which, as the author believed, should confirm the legitimacy of his intentions.

Needless to say that no one has ever responded to the words from the Grand Duke of All Russia. Kubarev decided to proceed with his endeavor and asked the powers that be to give their power to him.

Valery Kubarev said in his new address to President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin that they only had six months left to issue and sign the decree to assign the Kremlin property to him.

“I offer you to have a sober look at the consequences of your possible refusal in meeting my claims. The events in Russia and in the world prove that your persistency can be dangerous,” Kubarev wrote.

The self-proclaimed Grand Duke was born in Moscow in 1962 and graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. He subsequently became a successful entrepreneur and organized the Orthodox Democracy Party in 2004. The party backed up actions of protest in support of disgraced oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

He is also known as the author of pseudo-patriotic books “Christ”, “Armageddon,” “The Conservative” and others.