Russian Patriarch urges to invest in Russia

His Holiness Alexii II Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has called his fellow country men to invest in their own country rather than in foreign football teams.

“Do not purchase foreign football teams. Instead, invest your money in your own country, for the good of your own people; so that those who suffer from heart-related illnesses could undergo treatment right here in their own country,” said His Holiness Alexii II upon his arrival from the Scientific-Research center of cardiovascular surgery of Bakulev, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The Patriarch called the center “the best in the world.” “The center has everything including very good emergency and rehabilitation blocs,” stated Alexii II. “This is a true monument that will remain in peoples' hearts forever.”

The Patriarch also brought to public's attention the fact that those medical facilities that had been built in times of the Revolution of 1917 still continue to serve people today.

After conducting religious services at a church located in the center, Alexii II emphasized the importance of “combining the healing of one's body with the healing of one's souls.”