Author`s name Michael Simpson

Philippines Targeted by Terrorists - 5 March, 2003

A wave of terrorist acts has swept over Philippines. As PRAVDA.Ru already reported, strong explosions sounded yesterday in the international airport of Davao and in a nearby governmental health center. According to the latest data, 21 people were killed and over 150 wounded. 

There were American citizens among the victims. As BBC reports, to all appearances, the Americans were not targets of the terrorist acts. Security services say that the blasts could be organized by Moslem separatists.

Later Japan’s news agency Kyodo Tsushin reported that Philippines police arrested five people suspected of connection with the explosion in the Davao airport. Local special services have started an investigation. Besides, some sources report that Islamic group Abu Sayyaf claimed responsibility for the terrorist act.

However, it seems that Islamites were not quite satisfied with the blasts in the airport. As it became known, another explosion sounded in Philippines today. A bomb blew up in a supermarket in the Philippine city of Cotabato, near an administrative building. According to provisional data, no people suffered as a result of the explosion.

The chief of the city police says the explosion sounded on the second floor of the supermarket, the fire spread to several trading rooms and destroyed part of goods. The fire was quickly localized, but the detonated explosive device caused panic among clients and shop assistants.

As Russia’s news agency RIA Novosti informs, Philippine police is going to organize more arrests in the nearest days. No information is reported about possible organizers of the explosion. Security measures have been strengthened in Philippines central airports, including that one in Manila. President Gloria Arroyo visited the Davao accident site and discussed measures of fighting terrorism with local authorities.

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