Basaev's next target--Russian President

A well-known terrorist Shamil Basaev claimed his responsibility for the terrorist act of May 9th in Grozny, which killed 7 people including Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov and injuring more than 60. This has been reported on one of the Internet sites of Chechen insurgents.

The report also claims that the terrorist acts which took place at Grozny's stadium “Dinamo” had been a part of a special operation called “Vozmezdie” (“Requital”).

The report reads: “Our modjakheds have successfully accomplished special operation “Nal-17” and acted out the verdict of the Shariat court in regards to the national-traitors and apostates such as Kadyrov and Isaev.” (meaning Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov and head of the Chechen parliament Hussein Isaev, notes NEWS.RU).

In his address, Basaev apologized before Aslan Maskhadov for the fact that insurgents “could not through Kadyrov's head at his feet, literally, as they had promised a month earlier.”

In addition, Basaev announced a new set of threats, addressed to the Russian president Vladimir Putin, among others. The final portion of Basaev’s address reads: “I wonder who will be appointed Russia's Prime Minister- Katya or Masha (names of Putin’s daughters) if, by Allah's mercy, we will succeed in our special operation.” (Basaev draws a parallel with Kadyrov's assassination: after the death of the Chechen president, his younger son Ramzan Kadyrov has been appointed first Prime Minister of Chechnya.

Russian authorities have not commented Basaev's announcement yet.

In the meantime, the main suspect in the explosion case remains Grozny's bricklayer, 37-year-old Lomali Chupalaev. He was arrested on May 12th in Alkhazurovo village of Urus-Martansky region. According to “Izvestia”, the suspect is currently in custody and is still being questioned by the investigative department of the Republic's Ministry of Internal Affairs in Grozny.