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American woman's weight equal to 1960s man's

The Americans' overweight problem has been growing for the last years and raised public awareness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prepared a special report where they compared the weight and other characteristics of present-day Americans against those of 1960s.

According to the data, the average American woman now weighs 166.2 pounds - nearly identical to what American men weighed in the 1960s. And U.S. men have expanded greatly in the same time period, having gained nearly 30 pounds from the 1960s to 2010 - 166.3 pounds to 195.5 pounds today.

Both sexes have also gained almost an inch in height from the 1960s, which factors into some of the overall weight gain. But women have seen an 18.5 percent increase in weight gain from 1960 and men have shown a 17.6 percent increase in overall weight gain.

Today's American male weighs nearly as much as 1.5 American females from the 1960s, with today's U.S. male weighing an average 195.5 pounds and having a nearly 40-inch waist circumference (39.7 inches).

American women today have an average waist circumference of 37.5 inches and weigh in at 166.2 pounds, up from about 140 pounds in 1960.

The CDC data shows that more than one-third (35.1 percent) of U.S. adults over the age of 20 are considered obese. And 69 percent of American adults over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese.

More than 1-in-5 U.S. children between the ages of 12-19 are considered obese, with 17.7 percent of kids ages 6-11 also weighing in at obesity levels.

A 2012 study published in the journal MBC Public Health finds that Americans are now the world's third-heaviest people, trailing only the Pacific Island countries of Tonga and Micronesia. The average U.S. adult is 33 pounds heavier than the average Frenchman and 70 pounds heavier than the average Bangladeshi citizen. To compile a ton of total mass, it would require only 12.2 Americans in a room versus 20 average citizens of Bangladesh.

A 2005 BMC Public Health study revealed that the world's adult human beings make up 287 million tons of biomass, but if every country was as large as the US, Earth would be 58 million tons fatter.

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