Source Pravda.Ru

Donetsk militia take 221 tanks and 228 APCs of Ukrainian troops



Militias of the unrecognized People's Republic of Donetsk took control of the Ukrainian army tank base in the town of Artemovsk.

"At night, we took control of the tank base in Artemovsk, 30 kilometers from Slavyansk. We now have 221 tanks, 288 armored vehicles, 12 self-propelled guns, 18 Grad volley fire systems, 183 infantry fighting vehicles and 12 mortars," the head of the information center "Southeastern Front, Konstantin Knyrik told Interfax. 

Earlier, the Ukrainian troops attacked the villages of Semenivka and Nykolaivka. According to self-defense forces, they destroyed a Ukrainian tank, four airborne assault vehicles and a Su-25 fighter jet.