Source Pravda.Ru

EU to expand sanctions against Russia should militia take Donetsk airport



Uneasy truce in Ukraine has been broken again. Donetsk remains under artillery fire. A black column of smoke is rising above the city. A shell fired by the Ukrainian troops hit a large industrial enterprise; a powerful explosion occurred.

However, it was then reported that the smoke was rising above the airport of Donetsk. RIA Novosti reports that the pillar of smoke was rising above the airport. Wind carries the smoke in the direction of the city, so it can be seen even from the center of Donetsk. Local militia fighters assume that there is a fuel and lubricant storage burning. 

The fighting for the airport of Donetsk started in May. The EU is ready to expand sanctions against Russia if Donbass militia establish control either of the airport in Donetsk or of the city of Mariupol.