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Family of 15 Killed in Iraq as US Troops Fire on Minibus - 2 April, 2003 - News

Allied troops in Iraq have fired on a minibus near the town of Hillah, killing a family of 15, al-Jazeera TV reports. The American central command has so far refused to comment on the incident.

The is the second attack on a civilian vehicle in the last two days: on Monday, March 31, US soldiers opened fire on a car when the driver apparently ignored an order to stop. The Pentagon has said that 7 women and children were killed and a further 2 people were injured. 4 other passengers escaped unhurt. Other sources claim that there were 15 people in the car, of whom 10 were killed and 2 seriously wounded, and that the soldiers at the checkpoint did not fire any warning shots.

In total, according to Iraqi sources, over 30 people were killed and 100 injured during yesterday's bombing of Hillah.