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New Terrorist Offensive From South America?

PRAVDA.Ru published November of last year an article about intelligence reports on terrorist activities in South America, specifically in the area known as the "Triple Border" between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

This area, very well known as a black-market paradise, contains one of the most important Arab communities outside Middle East. It is also said that the numerous mosques operate as gathering centers for different terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah, El Gamaat al Islamiyad, and Islamic Jihad. These groups are well-known targets of the CIA for supposed links with Al Qaeda.

After the bomb attacks on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and a Jewish community club in 1994, Argentine intelligence services have been investigating in the area. The CIA and the FBI also collaborated by sending agents to the region after a poster of Iguazъ Falls, the most important tourist attraction in the area, was found inside an Al Qaeda bunker in Afghanistan.

CNN reported on its Spanish version that, according to intelligence sources, a kind of terrorist summit took place in the Triple Border about two months ago to coordinate actions against US and Israeli interests in the Western hemisphere. CNN also reported that such meetings were held in the outskirts of Ciudad del Este, in the Paraguayan side.

What is certain is that the chief of the Argentine Intelligence Department (SIDE), Miguel Angel Toma, visited Washington to report about an increase in terrorist activity in the region. Argentina is afraid of a possible new terrorist campaign being launched from South America, something impossible to stop by its short-budgeted special gorces.

According with the CNN report, another focus of terrorist activity in South America is the Pacific Chilean Port of Iquique in the north of the country. However, its national authorities refuse to provide information to the press regarding the ongoing investigations.

Now, the question is if such reports are reliable evidence of the presence of terrorists South America or simply stories to serve as a pretext for American intervention.

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Photo: A Muslim woman crosses the bridge that joins Brazil and Paraguay. Around 30.000 people a day do it.