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Baltic Construction Company signs a contract for construction of the Rogun hydroelectric station in Tajikistan

The open joint stock holding company Barki Tochik (Tajikistan) and the Russian Baltic Construction Company signed a contract on the resumption of building the Rogun hydroelectric station. The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday in the Tajik town of Rogun which is situated 110 kilometres to the east of the capital of Dushanbe. The sum of the contract amounts to about a hundred million dollars.

As was reported by the chairman of the Barki Tochik company, Dzhurabek Nurmakhmatov, the money allocated by the Baltic Construction Company will be used for building a side tunnel, the clearing and damming the Vakhsh River and for erecting a 335-metre high stone and earth dam.

According to him, the cost estimates of the Rogun hydroelectric station tops $2,2 billion, out of which 800 million have already been used.

Dzhurabek Nurmakhmatov said that many foreign companies stated their readiness to take part in the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric station. However, preference was given to the Russian side in the person of the Baltic Construction Company.

For his part, director general of the Baltic Construction Company Oleg Toni pointed out that the restoration of the Rogun hydroelectric station, a unique one in Tajikistan, which is important for the entire Asian region, "is quite in our company's power." The financial-industrial group of the company, according to Oleg Toni, was created in St Petersburg eight years ago. Construction is the main trend of its activity. It is the construction divisions of different specialities that make up an absolute majority of the nearly one hundred companies of the financial-industrial group.

The putting into operation of the Rogun hydroelectric station will make it possible to irrigate a considerable number of agricultural lands in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Apart from that, this station will help resolve the problem of the Aral Sea and will make it possible to stop the further shoaling of this sea.