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New legislation "On National Security" to be passed in Russia?

The participants of the parliamentary hearings have supported the development of a new legislation "On National Security of the Russian Federation".

The hearings were organized by the State Duma /the parliament's lower chamber/ Security Committee and the Federation Council / the parliament's upper chamber/ Defence and Security Committee.

A legal basis for ensuring the country's national security has currently been established, the parliamentary hearings' participants pointed out. For example, the Federal Assembly (a two-chambered parliament) of the Russian Federation has passed a number of federal constitutional and federal laws, and the Russian President and government have issued other normative and legal acts, regulating legal relations in different spheres of national security.

The parliamentary hearings' participants also pointed to the fact that during the monitoring the present law on ensuring national security had proved to be unsystematic. The legislation's further improvement in this sphere must be realized by creating a single integral system, they stated.

In this situation the MPs supported the development of a new philosophy of national security, which would form a basis of the concept while developing the federal law.

The MPs believe this concept should, at least, include two points, which will be a conceptual system, thoroughly worked out in compliance with the country's national interests and modern reality, and legal responsibility of the bodies, ensuring the country's national security.