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Margelov makes conditions for Russian servicemen's participation in the anti-terror operation in Georgia

The Chairman of the International Committee of the Federation Council Mikhail Margelov thinks it impossible for Russian servicemen to take part in any anti-terror operation on Georgian territory "until international consensus is reached and Georgia participates in the operation as Russia's partner and ally." Margelov told about this on Friday, while commenting on the reaction by the Georgian side on his statement made on Thursday. He said that if the Russian President turned to the Federation Council for permission to involve Russian servicemen in the Anti-terror operation in Georgia, namely, in the Pankisi Gorge, then the Upper House would give its consent.

The senator stressed that Tbilisi's reaction was inadequate, saying that he, in no way, was calling on to wage war, that was how Georgia understood his Thursday statement. He was surprised that the meaning of his phrase had been distorted.

Margelov stressed that he expressed his own view while speaking about the Upper House's consent to the Russian President's request. The thing is that the Federation Council is now on vacation, so he can't consult his colleagues.

"I think that if the President turns to the Federation Council for permission to involve Russian servicemen in a joint Russo-Georgian anti-terror operation after having consultations with the UN Security Council, with our partners in the Anti-terror Coalition, then the Upper House of the Russian Parliament will give its consent," Margelov said.