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Lvov mayor blames journalists for the tragic airshow

The mayor of Lvov and local media are blame-shefting

A conflict is gathering steam in Ukraine between the mayor of Lvov, Lubomyr Bunyak, and local media outlets. Lvov media accused the city government of lies concerning the degree of their participation in the organization of the tragic airshow in Lvov. Lvov newspapers Express, Visoky Zamok, Postup wrote that the mayor lied to the citizens of Lvov. Bunyak stated in a television interview that he did not know about the fact that the airshow was taking place on July 27 and he had nothing to do with its organization.

Several newspapers published copies of documents, which cast doubts on that statement. They demanded the mayor should publicly apologize. In return the mayor accused journalists of attracting people to the disastrous show. The press service of the municipal council of Lvov wrote in its statement that the newspapers published notes and ads, advertising the coming airshow, inviting everyone to see it. Lubomyr Bunyak said: “I would like to know, why they didn’t confess, who rendered the precise information regarding the program of the show, who advertised it, and finally, who paid for those publications?” The mayor claimed that journalists had to apologize, “for their criminal agitation.” He also advised them “to pray at church.” The mayor stressed out that he did not sign any papers regarding the show.

In the meantime, journalist Bogdan Kufryk from the newspaper Express sued Lubomyr Bunyak, claiming that the mayor illegally made him leave the press room at the briefing on August 7. The reason for such an action was explained in the following way: “Your newspaper was not invited for the briefing.” The journalist perceived that as the revenge to his critical articles.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov