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The Pope-mobile of the new generation and eight percent of the Polish people

Poland prepared a gift for John Paul II Today is the first day of John Paul’s visit to Poland. Poland has produced the pope-mobile – the unique vehicle that is exclusively meant for the Pope.

TVC television channel described the new Polish invention. As it turned out, the Polish popemobile industry has a very long history. The first vehicle was produced in 1980. The current new model is the third model of this interesting vehicle. The latest model is not big. Engineers’ goal was to produce a vehicle, on which the Pope could move during the services in large cathedrals. The Polish popemobile does not have a glass top, it is equipped with a noiseless electric engine. The vehicle can run up to 60 kilometers daily, its maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hours.

The “throne,” or the chair for the Pope was the most difficult part of the vehicle to make. The chair had to be a revolving one. The local factory believes that the new model of the vehicle will be a very good gift for the Pope. However, only 58% of Polish Catholics go to church on Sundays, and only 31% have fear for hell. The sexual morality of the Polish people is much worse in this respect. Only eight percent of them approve Pope’s absolute prohibition of abortions.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov