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Khabarovsk territory bans meat imports from Mongolia

The veterinary service of Khabarovsk Territory (RussianFar East) has banned imports of meat, meat products and cattle from Mongolia. The resolution concerning the ban was signed by governor Viktor Ishayev.

RIA Novosti learned on Wednesday from the press service of the Khabarovks Territorial Government that this measure was taken to prevent anthrax, cases of which have been registered in Mongolia, from getting into the Amur Region . Until September 1 of the current year all cattle in the Territory will be given anti-anthrax vaccinations.

In connection with the threat of the spread of anthrax, noted the press service, the veterinary department of the Territorial government will check the trading, catering and meat packing enterprises on whether or not they have passed the required vet examinations of meat and meat products.