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Moscow thinks it is essential to defend objects of fuel and energy complex from terrorists

Exercises of the Russian Caspian Flotilla, which took place on August 1st-15th, were the first such an event to combine purely military tasks and those related to securing fuel and energy complex in an emergency. This information was disclosed to a RIA Novosti correspondent by the Russian Ministry of Energy.

According to this information, in this regard, the focus of the exercises was to work out joint cooperations between the Navy and oil companies' special teams to defend sea drilling platforms and other facilities of fuel and energy complex.

The Ministry considers the defence of such facilities a highly important objective in connection with the recent increase of terrorist activities near the location of Russian fuel and energy companies. Moscow believes that this also refers to the Caspian Sea region, where the Astra drilling platform is located. This platform was chosen as a target for the joint anti-terrorist exercises of the Russian Navy and specially teams of Russian oil companies.