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USA’s still-born child shows up in Berlin

The takeover of the Iraqi embassy was good for the USA

Yesterday’s capture of the Iraqi embassy in Berlin by a group of so-called Iraqi oppositionists surprised a lot of people. It is still a mystery what goals these people from the Democratic Iraqi Opposition of Germany are pursuing.

This organization was not known in Germany before. At any rate, all other groups of the Iraqi opposition in Germany reject their connection with the act and even denounce it. A well-known specialiston the Middle East, Volker Pertes from the Berlin Fund for Science and Politics, claimed that he never heard of the group that seized the embassy. He added that Iranian students and Kurdish groups are basically conspicuous in Berlin.

Experts wonder why the people who rushed into the premises of the embassy on Tuesday did not set forth any political demands. Their only objective was reportedly to attract attention to an organization that no one heard of before.

The commotion surrounding the incident is good for Americans and their allies against the background of the continuing talks about the coming war in the Gulf. Sure, the Iraqi people want to get the attention of the world community, anything goes for that.

The United States denounced the takeover of the embassy: Americans do not rub elbows with terrorists. The Iraqi opposition has been perceived as a myth, but it turns out that it actually exists, alive and kicking, so to speak.

Remember the recent attempt on the life of Saddam Hussein’s youngest son? This man was ascribed to the Iraqi opposition, although it is not known if there was an attempt or not. The recent congress of the Iraqi opposition in London was advertised as the event of the year, but there were just a few people in the picture, as a matter of fact.

Now, the United States may declare that the new war in the Gulf is not a plundering war to improve the USA’s position at the expense of the Iraqi oil. America will say that this is truly a war of liberation. For instance: “The Iraqi people asked us to help them, but we would not react. That’s why they seize embassies.”

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov