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‘I am Ashamed to Listen to Our Cardiologists’

Russian cardiology is going down the wrong road

“Russian cardiologists have recently appeared on television. I was ashamed to listen to professors, doctors of science, and academicians. Why was I ashamed? These professors were talking about classic heart surgery like shunting, blood vessel replacement, and transplantation. They said that heart transplantation would soon become a mass operation in the future with the help of human cloning. In fact, ischemia patients come to see me now. Several months pass by and they recover from their diseases.”

This was said by Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin – a professor, a doctor of science, Honored Inventor of Russia, and State Prize winner. The professor has been working in the field of space medicine for 30 years, since 1959. He developed methods to render medical help to cosmonauts for flights of various durations. The methods developed by Ivan Neumyvakin help to improve the adapting abilities of a human organism to various kinds of stress. Some of his methods have already saved many people who suffer from heart diseases. The professor’s methods help to prevent the development of those diseases.

Professor Ivan Neumyvakin set out his point of view on the matter to PRAVDA.Ru.

- Unfortunately, there are not many doctors, not to mention high-ranking officials, who are in charge of scientific development, that know that heart diseases are basically caused with blood vessel spasms, especially the with the spasms of capillary vessels. A heart is not a blood pump, as many people think, and as many doctors think. A heart is something like a receiver, a distribution center, which helps to compress blood in the arteries. A vein is another human heart, which provides the reverse current of blood to a heart. In contrast to a technical pump, arteries and veins are connected with their both ends: one of them is linked to a heart, the other one is linked to capillaries. Therefore, a heart is not a pump, but capillaries are. If activity decreases, they do not provide a lot of help to a heart, which makes it grow older faster than usual. Capillary system disturbance is the base of heart diseases, attacks, and the deterioration of the whole blood cardiovascular system. Then, it leads to the disturbance of metabolism, stagnant phenomena, and so on. All this results in all kinds of diseases of any organs in a human body. Brilliant Russian Doctor Zalmanov introduced a new notion into medicine over a hundred years ago: capillary therapy. It is possible to find the key to any disease by exerting influence on the capillary system. There is not even a single process in a human body that happens without the participation of the capillary system.

More than a hundred years ago, Russian scientists Schelkov and Zaller discovered that blood circulation increased 60-80 times when muscles work, whereas it increased only eight or ten times in the brain or gastrointestinal tract. The scientists believed that such a need of blood for muscles is the result of an extra burden on heart. They concluded that a human being is supposed to observe a protective regime in case of heart diseases. Yet, experience shows that patients who did not stick to a protective regime (restriction of moving activities) recover faster than others.

It was later proved that skeleton muscles consist of fibers that contract with a certain frequency. When muscles work, they affect the blood vessels near them, particularly capillaries, making them work as a pump. This pump works much more powerfully than the heart itself. Since there are more than 500 muscles in the human body, their absorbing and compressing function is enormous. It was called a peripheral heart. Active muscle work, a peripheral heart, makes a brain operate more actively. Animals subjected to physical activities have more developed capillary networks in their brains, as well as thicker nerve systems. This is the difference between those animals that have to move a lot and those that remain still.

Electrophysiological research conducted on elderly people proved that the people who play sports have better brain activities in comparison with other elderly people. Their brain activities were equal to younger people’s.

In other words, physical training is good not only for the body, but also for the brain. This is another proof for the interdependence of all organs of the body. This is the basis that contains unlimited opportunities for preventing and curing cardiovascular diseases.”

Ivan Neumyvakin is also an Honored Inventor of Russia. He is certain that it will soon be possible to create equipment capable of saving people from heart attacks and even preventing them. However, the professor said that this equipment would most likely be invented abroad, not in Russia. It is more profitable for Russian officials to get more money from the State Treasury for their own projects, for the development of cardio-surgery, genetic engineering, and medicines. They would rather spend that money on something that does not actually cure people of those diseases. That is why the professor was so ashamed of listening to Russian cardiologists on television.

We should be ashamed as well. What kind of society are we? If we have the doctors who are able to prevent and even cure patients, why don’t we allow such doctors to work? Why not develop something new that would help to cure people of cardiovascular diseases? These diseases kill more than one million people every year in Russia. Many of these people could be saved. About two million dollars are needed for the creation of equipment that would save those people. This money is equal to one-third of a Formula One racing car.

PRAVDA.Ru has recently reported on a method to cure diabetes developed by Svetlana Kasatkina. There was also a book published on this subject. The book describes the conditions under which a human body could create a capillary system, at any age. As it turns out, Russian sports physiologists guaranteed five years ago that people would never have a heart attack if they did special physical exercises.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov