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It’s Hard to Get a Good Education in Russian Provinces

People of Russia’s smaller towns complain of the strong lack of higher schools

There are violations of human rights in the Russian town of Veliky Ustyug, which is why there is a strong need to set up either a university or a branch of a high school there. This curious statement was made yesterday at a session of the committee for human rights.

The chairman of the committee, Valery Sudakov, stated that there had been about ten complaints received from Veliky Ustyug residents. The people complain that they can not use their constitutional right for higher education. The town does not have a higher school of its own. Moreover, it is rather expensive to travel to educational institutions of Vologda, Cherepovtsy, or Arkhangelsk. That is why Valery Sudakov is ready to go to the committee for human rights that is attached to the Russian president. Mr. Sudakov said that he would ask Moscow officials to help to build a university in the town of Veliky Ustyug. Sudakov believes that there are good prerequisites for a university in the town already, since it has five technical schools. In addition, there used to be the Severodvinsk University before the revolution of 1917.

Aleksey Mikhalev PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov