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Volga Region – Patrimony of International Terrorism?

Sergei Kirienko, the President plenipotentiary to Volga Federal District, supposes

Volga Federal District appears to be literally overfilled with bandits “equipped” with explosives. However, so far with sham ones. Following Sergei Kirienko’s thought, since October into some regions, chosen ad arbitrium, special groups of people in civil clothes are being sent. At the same time, local authorities get instructions as for some citizens with Chechen registration, who could arrive. Therefore, watchfulness of special services, functionaries, and average citizens is trained.

At the meeting of heads of Volga District republics and regions’ Legislation Assemblies in the city of Izhevsk, results of the last “diversion” were considered. The “terrorists” were permitted to the republic of Mari El: in 99 percent of cases there were no terrorists at all. The plenipotentiary calmed the Mari El citizens: “The same happens not only in this republic. Slackness is everywhere.” When a power plant in the city of Orenburg was checked up, “bandits” did not succeed in “penetrating” through the check-point, however they got to forbidden territory through outside heat tubes. The alarm system did not worked. In another region, while checking up a gas plant with three-level protection, it was suddenly found that workshops of dangerous production are easily accessible for everyone from highway site.

“Our “terrorists” freely walk in the cities, book railway tickets using false passports, leave everywhere their “ticking” handbags!” – Kirienko said. – “Some preventive measures are necessary, as we can see. Now, it is your turn, lawmakers, to show that national security is under control.”

The plenipotentiary did not explain to the lawmakers how they should fight against terrorist threat. One of the functionaries, Tatarstan State Council leader, Farid Mukhamedshin asked: “And what about reforms? You have mentioned four, while I could count only three: housing and communal services, reform of local power structures (also called conception of Dmitry Kozak), and reform of energy.” The plenipotentiary at once reacted by presenting a long list of reforms demanding to be realized. Among which, there was pension reform, new principle of legislative bodies forming etc.

The Dmitry Kozak conception does not inspire Volga Region citizens. They are against “direct” election of mayors and administration heads. They are afraid of possible non-professionalism of “people’s representatives.” According to President of Udmurtia Alexandr Volkov, mayors should be elected by representative bodies: “Election by people allows to some small figure to do nothing or act for his own good, using people’s will as a cover.”

According to Sergei Kirienko, the executive power faults must be corrected by lawmakers. He in turn would ask Vladimir Putin to give to Council of Lawmakers a presidential status. Inspired Volga Region leaders immediately reported the Izmash factory is about to produce motorcar number 4,000,000 which is intended to be presented to the President Fund, that one in Udmurtia.


Translated by Vera Solovieva

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