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Russia imported 628,977 cars in 2002

628,977 cars were imported to Russia in 2002 (this figure does not include temporarily imported cars). This amount exceeds that of 2001 by 19%, the State Customs Committee of Russia reported to RBC. Of that amount, legal entities imported 126,613 vehicles (20%), and individuals imported 502,364 cars (80%). Of all imported cars, 3% were made in Russia, and 97% were made in foreign countries.

The percentage of cars made less than three years ago was 12%. Cars made 3 to 7 years ago made up 42%, and cars made more than 7 years ago made up 45.9%. RUR49.3bn ($1.56bn) in customs duties for vehicles were received in 2002, which is 37% more than the corresponding amount for 2001. 89.9% of vehicles imported by individuals had engines with a displacement of less than 2,500 cubic cm.

Most cars imported to Russia by individuals were made in Japan and Germany (51.6% and 39.6% respectively). Imposition of new customs duties on cars made over 7 years ago in October 2002 led to a reduction in their importation. The total number of imported automobiles has been decreasing by almost 40% every month since October 2002, and the corresponding figure for cars imported by individuals was 50%.