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Thai Fat Loss Pills Are Extremely Dangerous

It is time women should stop believing miracles and tales about superslim pills

When spring comes, women buy new clothes and try to lose as much of excessive weight as possible. As a rule, they do not have a wish to achieve that in a gym, although the desire to have a slim figure is so very strong. Russian women, as many other women in the world, buy various pills to lose weight. Some of those pills, as the latest events on the border of the Primorye region of Russia showed, can undermine women’s health a lot. According to frequent occasions to smuggle so-called Thai slim pills across the Russian state border, a lot of female residents of the Primorye region keep buying a lot of those pills.

Russian and Chinese citizens attempted to smuggle phenfluramine (the basic chemical constituent of Thai fat loss pills) six times over the period of one week only – February 20th – February 27th. The press service of the Far East Customs Department reported, six hundred of yellow colored pills of phenfluramine were withdrawn from a Chinese national at a Russian railway customs. The total weight of those pills was 125 grams. If the expertise proves that the pills contain the substance, which has been banned in Russia since 1997, there will be criminal proceedings instituted against both Russian and Chinese “dietitians.” Phenfluramine is a constituent of the illegal medication that is available on the black market. People call this medication “Thai fat loss pills.” However, the pills are manufactured in China.

As specifications of the pills say, they are made of various herbs. This is the only thing that can be learned about their ingredients. They have herbal components indeed, although for the sake of appearances only. The pills are basically made of phenfluramine. As a matter of fact, it is possible to lose some weight with the help of Thai fat loss pills. However, a woman will notice various side effects a year or two after she stops taking pills. Those side effects seem horrible to any woman: she will start losing hair, her skin will peel, nails will have their color changed. In addition to that, a woman will suffer from bad sleep, and she will be constantly irritated for no reason. Furthermore, Thai diet pills are very bad for liver and metabolism. To crown it all, a woman might lose her weight to death.

Singapore resident Rani Raja passed away last summer over a very serious liver disease, which was caused with Chinese slim pills. Popular Singapore TV host Andrea De Cruz managed to survive after taking Slim-10 pills after her groom agreed to become her donor. Now the woman lives with a half of her groom’s liver. In 1999 “Thai pills” were thoroughly examined at the food research center that is attached to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. As Russian scientists determined, the pseudomedication consists of phenfluramine and phentermine. Phentermine is a very strong psychotropic drug. It is close to amphetamine drug. Phentermine raises a person’s mood, reduces appetite and increases the energetic exchange. Both phenfluramine and phentermine were used in medicine as appetite restraining substances. When their negative qualities were revealed, the whole civilized world banned the use of those drugs in pharmaceutical and food industries.

Scientists say that every third person, who takes phenfluramine, is subjected to heart valve deterioration. This side effect has been registered with four percent of people, who took it for the period of two weeks. By the way, Thailand used to produce those fat loss pills several years ago. Now the Thai law stipulates the punishment of up to ten years in jail for the production, storage and attempts to export the pills. First and foremost, it goes about phentermine here, since phenfluramine is banned for any sales. The uncontrollable circulation of those drugs is prohibited in European countries, as well as in the USA, in Russia, in China and in a lot of other countries. In spite of that, several Chinese “pharmaceutical” companies keep on producing “superslim” phenfluramine pills, while women keep buying them all over the world, when they want to take care of their shape.

It goes without saying that there are no super medications. No pains, no gains, so to speak. A good figure is the result of correct diet and physical exercises. It is time women should stop believing miracles and tales. A man is likely to leave a woman, after she finishes with the course of Thai fat loss pills. He will take along a lock of her hair that she lost as a result of the “treatment.” Needless to mention that bald women are attractive only for a very narrow circle of non-standard males. We would like to stress it out here again, that it goes about the goods that are sold illegally, in a secret way, without any certificates and licences. There are other goods available on the market.

Andrey Gorainov Vladivostok


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov