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Boxer Vladimir Klitschko Shocks His Fans

Vladimir lost, but he promised to come back again soon

Ukrainian super heavyweight boxer Vladimir Klitschko was knocked out by little-known South African Corrie Sanders on Saturday night in Hanover. Klitschko was defeated in the second round of the fight for the title of the WBO Champion.

It is hard to believe, but everyone’s favorite, Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko, lost the fight for the crown of the World Boxing Organization. Vladimir’s rival, Corrie Sanders/The Bomber, managed to become the world’s champion within just 27 seconds of the second round of the fight.

South African boxer attacked Vladimir with a series of fierce hits already during the first round. He knocked Vladimir out 33 seconds before the tournament was over. The left-handed South African boxer floored Vladimir Klitschko for the second time ten seconds after that. The packed Preussag Arena in Hanover was shocked with that.

No one could believe that such an unexpected turn of events was actually happening. Neither the boxer, nor coach Fritz Sdunek, nor spectators could believe their eyes. There could be confusion seen in Sanders’s eyes too. The African athlete could not believe that he floored such a titled boxer as Vladimir Klitschko down twice.

Vladimir had less shots during the second round of he bout. Sanders realized that Klitschko did not expect that at all, so he attacked him with a series of hits, flooring Vladimir for the third time. Klitschko was knocked out. The referee stopped the bout, and the little-known 37-year-old South African boxer became the winner. It is very sad to acknowledge that Vladimir could have won his WBO championship for the seventh time.

Prior to the fight with younger Klitschko brother, Sanders has had 40 fights and boasted 38 wins (28 of them were knockout wins). He lost only two bouts. Despite such an impressive background, Sanders failed to reach something outstanding in the professional world of boxing. His accomplishments include the championship title of South Africa in 1991 and the World Boxing Union championship in 1997-2000. Prior to the Saturday fight, Corrie Sanders took the 28th position. However, one may say it for sure that the fact that he became the winner of the fight with Vladimir Klitschko became the most important achievement of his boxing career. This win will help Sanders to improve his position on the rating of the best professional boxers of the world.

This defeat was Vladimir’s second one in his career. Eleven thousand spectators, who packed Preussag Arena in Hanover witnessed the most shameful defeat of their favorite heavyweight boxer. Vladimir did not get to show any good hit. He just gave up his title of the champion in a way, which was tragic both for himself and for millions of his fans. Vladimir Klitschko experienced his first defeat in December of 1998 in Kiev, when he was beaten by American Ross Puritty. That fight turned out to be a real tragedy for all Ukrainians. The fight with Sanders is definitely a very sad news for Ukraine and Germany, where Klitschko brothers are extremely popular. No one expected such a sensational defeat.

It is hard to judge on the consequences of the fight. Pessimists will probably give up Vladimir’s career as a bad job. Most likely, Lewis and Tyson will say that Klitschko does not deserve being compared with them. Someone will probably stop thinking of Klitschko as of the successor of Lewis’s crown. However, one is supposed to treat the current situation in a positive way. All boxers make mistakes, especially heavyweight boxers. All boxers lose, Lewis and Tyson have had that as well.

Klitschko brothers are the boxers, who will be able to overcome this problem. They will keep on fighting until they win. There are no doubts that their dream will become true some day – to win all champion titles of the world together. This is just a question of time.

After the fight younger Klitschko brother calmed his fans down: “I am going back to the ring very soon, I will win and I will become the champion of the world,” said he. Vladimir did not find anything tragic about his defeat. He explained the result in a very peaceful way: “All great boxers have had misfortune. But they have always come back. This happened to Ali and Lewis.”


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov