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Gennady Seleznev: Iraq is Ready for the Worst - 11 March, 2003 - News

Speaker of the Lower Chamber of the Russian Parliament (the State Duma) Gennady Seleznev revealed the main idea of the Russian President's address to Saddam Hussein on his arrival in Minsk on Tuesday. According to him, Russia will not back any resolution that will allow the USA and Great Britain to invade Iraq.

Gennady Seleznev describes the outcome of his visit to Baghdad as fruitful. According to him, he conducted three-hour talks with Saddam Hussein. "We discussed the Iraqi issue and the situation in the Middle East," Mr. Seleznev said.

"Iraq confirmed its wish to fulfil all conditions envisaged by the UN Security Council resolution 1441 on Iraq," the Speaker stressed.

Gennady Seleznev pointed out that Russia is against new UN Security Council resolutions on Iraq. "If necessary Russia will veto them," he said.

According to the Russian Speaker, Saddam Hussein said that in case of aggression Iraq will rebuff and "the Americans will have it more than enough." Mr. Seleznev believes that Baghdad is ready for the worst. "That is why the USA must consider everything thoroughly, otherwise peace and order will be disrupted, the international law will be violated and the jungle law will come into force. Then the USA may wish to crack down on somebody else, for instance Syria or Iran," Gennady Seleznev pointed out.