Source Pravda.Ru

Belarus warns individuals exporting cash foreign currency

The Belarusian State Customs Committee has expressed concern about a situation in which Russian citizens could find themselves in Belarus after the introduction of new rules for exporting cash foreign currency in Russia on March 15, 2003.

As reported earlier, according to this new procedure individuals are allowed to export up to $3000 without declaring money at the customs and from $3000 to $10,000 declaring money at the customs, however without banking documents.

The Belarusian State Customs Committee stressed that, according to Belarusian legislation, individuals are allowed to export only $1,500 without declaring and banking documents. If an exported sum of money exceeds $1,500, it must be declared and corresponding banking documents must be produced at the Belarusian customs.

In this respect the Belarusian Customs Committee warns individuals who are going abroad from Russia via Belarus that they will have to comply with the Belarusian rules.