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TVS channel's trustee board appointed

Members of the Media-Socium non-profit organization, which founded the TVS non-governmental television channel, held their general meeting here July 19th. Media-Socium won a tender for the right to broadcast on the closed TV-6 channel's frequency this past spring; TV-6 was owned by famous tycoon Boris Berezovsky.

The general meeting elected the new TV channel's trustee board, which is headed by Yevgeny Primakov, president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Primakov co-founded Media-Socium not so long ago.

The trustee board would be expected to monitor compliance with the mass-media law and journalist ethics by TVS journalists, also doing its best to prevent the possible censorship of TVS broadcasts. In Primakov's words, a truly public TV channel, which has now been established, won't be subjected to any pressure whatsoever.

The trustee board also comprises well-known Russian writer Daniil Granin; Yasen Zasursky, dean of Moscow State University's journalism department; political-science expert Sergei Karaganov; and well-known politician Alexander Yakovlev, who sided with Mikhail Gorbachev over the perestroika period.


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