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Israelis selling arms to Palestinians?

Recently, five Israelis were detained on suspicion of selling arm to Palestinian militants, AP agency reports.

Two of these Israelis live in Adora, on the West Bank, where, this May, a tragedy took place: a Palestinian shot four people, including a 5-year-old girl.

The piece of news about local citizens selling arm to Palestinians stirred up the pasions of Jewish settlers. From time to time, reports appear that an Israeli soldier has sold stolen weapon to ordinary criminals. However, this case seems to be extraordinary. Israeli settlers, who are targeted by militants, have never been caught selling arm to Palestinians.

They detained stolen ammunition in a great amount and sold it to a member of the Palestinian militia Tanzim. The Tanzim members are accused of organizing several dozens of attacks on Israelis. The arms traffic continued for three years.

Four of the accused Israelis are soldiers. The police suppose that they were supported by at least one reservist. An investigator, Ari Ben Lulu, said that the soldiers knew very well for what aims the arms would be used.

Anat Kharari had her shoulder wounded in her in the May attack by the Palestinian militants in Adora. While speaking about her neighbors selling arms, the girl said, “They sold us for half a shekel (approximately $ 0.10); this is the price of a bullet.”

The group sold the Palestinians at least 15 thousand cartridges, weapons, and military equipment. According to Moshe Koen, he thought this was for firing salutes at Palestinian weddings.

Investigator Lulu considers this to be treason. The bullets sold to Palestinians could be the ones used against settlers in Adora. Israeli settlers on the West Bank are shocked: they never thought that the Palestinians were being armed by their neighbors.

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