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Like father, like son: George Bush will not serve a second term

As was expected, the scandals connected with the exposure of the financial machinations of the US's biggest corporate leaders have influenced the popularity of the US president. However, both George Bush and Richard Cheney are not without sin. This is causing the sliding of of the US president's ratings.

After the September 11 terrorist acts, the popularity of the president who declared a "war on terrorism" reached impossible heights. Over 90 percent of Americans supported the president. This rating was stable for several months until reports about financial abuses rained down. Of course, the economic troubles overshadowed in the Americans’ view the image of a fighter against terrorism. All the more that there have been no successes in this field: the Al-Qaeda leaders are still free.

Sociological polls connected with the popularity of the US president are being held constantly. Zogbi International also held a poll. US citizens were asked whether they would elect George Bush as president for a second term.

According to the poll's results, only 47 percent of the US population would currently vote for George Bush. 21 percent of respondents could not express their opinion, while 32 percent of Americans gave negative opinions about a second term for George Bush.

However, the results of the poll are not trustworthy. And I will explain you why. Zogbi International is an independent organization that specializes in polls. The company has carried out polls in Northern America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe since 1984. The company was founded by John Zogbi, who is a Christian of Lebanese extract. However, his brother James Zogbi is more notable.

James Zogbi is president of the Arab-American Institute. In 2000, James Zogbi was appointed senior adviser to the election campaign of Al Gore and Joe Liberman, which, however, did not prevent him from expressing sympathy with Hesbollah. As a result, he was accused of "anti-Semitism." Therefore, there are reasons to suppose that the Zogbis do not like the US president too much. Therefore, Zogbi International only relatively reflects the tendency of the George Bush's decreasing popularity.

The results of another poll carried out by Newsweek seem to be more credible. According to these data, about 65 percent of Americans approve of George Bush's job as the President; however, a couple of months ago, his popularity was 80 percent. Therefore, there or no reasons for despair or optimism, however you see it.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

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