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104 forest fires raging in Central Russia, 54 in Moscow region

104 forest fires are raging in the Central federal district, 54 of them are in the Moscow region.

The situation in the Moscow region remains difficult, said head of the press service of the National agency "Natural resources" Lev Krylov to RIA Novosti. 22 of the 54 fires in the region appeared during the previous day. 11 more were discovered on Tuesday and immediately extinguished. Last day fire covered 9 hectares.

Since the beginning of the dangerous fire season there have been 664 fires registered in the Moscow region on an area of 250 hectares.

When touching upon other Central regions, Krylov pointed out that forests were still burning in the Yaroslavl region on the Volga, where 37 fires had been registered, though all large fires had been localized.

30 out of the 104 forest fires in the Central federal district arose during the last day. 142 new hotbeds were eliminated when discovered by the employees of the State forest protection service. Last day fire covered more than 480 hectares.

According to the Wednesday morning data, 421 forest fires are raging in Russia, 110 of them appeared during the previous day, 187 fires were extinguished when discovered.