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2 people injured in storm in Central Russia

Two people were injured in a storm that broke out in the Veliky Novgorod region, Central Russia.

The calamity hit the Borovichi district of the Novgorod region, damaging the roofs of local dwelling-houses and production facilities, flooding basements and the sewerage system, tearing power and telephone lines, and cutting off the district's communication with many of the populated rural areas. In the town of Borovichi, the storm accounted for the failure of four automatic telephone systems and nearly flooded the town's biological purification system.

The wind with a force of 20 mps damaged the roofs of production facilities at the local enterprise Elegia, forcing the plant to suspend operations.

Communal services are still busy clearing away the 400-odd trees uprooted by the storm, some of which have fallen on parked cars.