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Revolutionary communists seek registration at all costs

Revolutionary communists can change their party's name to get it registered with the Ministry of Justice.

The possibility of it was admitted by Victor Tyulkin - co-chairman of the Russian Communist Worker's Party - revolutionary party of communists (RKRP - RPK).

The Ministry of Justice refused to register the party due to the word "revolution" fixed in the party's charter, Tyulkin pointed out. The Ministry of Justice believes that the RKRP - RPK calls for overthrowing the existing regime by means of violence. Victor Tyulkin admitted that "the party's name might undergo certain changes" at a special convention of the party.

At the same time the other co-chairman of the left radical organization, Anatoly Kryuchkov, underlined that the RKRP - RPK would "summon up all its strength and potential to get the party registered."