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Germany Needs Condom Testers

German condom producer Condomi announced a recruitment drive for volunteers to test their line of products; the recruitment is to be done among British and Irish students. The total number of students will be about one hundred; each will be paid 100 pounds (about $150) per a semester during the next academic year.

The volunteers will be asked to test “the comfort, pleasure, and general experience after usage” of all kinds of condoms produced by the company. Opinions obtained during the experiment will be sent to the Condomi research department for improving their products. The company stresses that all condoms obligatorily undergo quality testing, and the new experiment is designed to “learn the opinions of consumers," Condomi marketing director says.

Announcements about the recruitment of students for the experiment were first published in university newspapers and broadcast in the UK and Ireland on Friday. The main condition to become a participant in the experiment is that students should continue intimate relations with their partners from the moment of handing in their applications. The company thinks it won’t take long to find enough volunteers.

By the way, about 10 billion condoms are used in the world each year.