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Russians struggle to choose names for Putin's new super weapons

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The Russian Defence Ministry announced the beginning of the final stage of the vote for the names for new Russian weapons announced during President Putin's recent Address to the Federal Assembly.

Putin's new weapons: Laser complex. russia

A cruise missile of unlimited range, a combat laser complex and an unmanned underwater vehicle still remain unnamed.

To date, the top of proposed names for the combat laser complex includes such names as "Blik," "Basilisk" and "Peresvet."

As for the unmanned underwater vehicle, the three most popular variants are "Aurora," "Poseidon" and "Priboi".

The vote for the name for the new cruise missile with a nuclear power unit has been most active. The top three names are "Burevestnik" (728,000 votes), "Palmira" (720,000) and "Surprise" (690,000).


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