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A woman was forced to show everyone her dildo at the airport

Thirty-six-year-old American woman asks for the compensation in the sum of 15 thousand dollars from the airline, the workers of which made her show everyone the dildo, which got turned on in her suitcase during the luggage inspection procedure in Dallas airport.

Attendants of Delta Airlines asked the woman to go out of the plane, when they noticed a vibrating bag in her hands. The woman warned them that there was her personal toy inside the bag “for sexual purposes.” However, airline attendants made her unpack the bag and publicly show it to security in other passengers’ presence, and three male attendants of the airline made some indecent remarks about it.

The woman’s lawyer said that such things are supposed to be done privately, in a separate room, taking into consideration the fact that the owner of the dildo warned the attendants of the specific purpose of the thing, which caused vibration. Delta Airline’s lawyers refused to comment.