Source Pravda.Ru

Italian Prime Minister Does Not Sit Anymore

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has recently said that he was going to solve the problem of long and boring governmental sessions. Making a speech at a national conference of businessmen, the prime minister shared his experience with the audience. Berlusconi said that his method led to very good results, when he was a businessman. La Stampa newspaper wrote that Silvio Berlusconi solved the problem of long and boring meetings in a very simple way: he removed all chairs from his conference room. The prime minister added that no chairs in a conference room cut the usual time of meetings from three hours to 20 or 30 minutes: “Everyone was happy and our business improved a lot after that,” said the prime minister. Silvio Berlusconi added that the standing position is very good for leg muscles. More importantly, standing is a lot better for men than sitting from the point of view of their sexual activity. Women will see the difference at once.