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Lithuanian parliament did not send Landsbergis to Copenhagen

The Lithuanian parliament dissociated itself from sending leader of the Conservatives Vytautas Landsbergis to Copenhagen to attend the so-called World Chechen Congress.

Vice-chairman of the Lithuanian Sejmas Arturas Skarzius told journalists that Landsbergis had gone to Copenhagen as a private person.

He stressed that the Board of the Sejmas discussed this question on October 23rd, before the hostage taking in Moscow, and did not approve of a business trip of the Conservatives' leader to Denmark.

Skarzius specially noted that all the statements and speeches of the leader of the Conservatives at the World Chechen Congress should be viewed as the personal opinion of citizen Landsbergis.

The staging of the World Chechen Congress in Denmark caused deep indignation in Moscow. "This gathering is organised and financed by Chechen terrorists and their accomplices and patrons from al-Qaeda who, as it is abundantly clear now, are behind the monstrous terrorist act in Moscow," officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia emphasize.