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Takhtakhunov was declared persona non grata in France

After Alimzhan Takhtakhunov left France in early 2000, French secret services issued an order prescribing to "oust him away from whatever part of the French territory he might appear in." France's DST secret service backed this decision by naming this man persona non grata because of "a palpable threat to public order" he presents.

Takhtakhunov first appeared in France in 1995, settling in a luxurious two-storied apartment in Paris's deluxe 16th quarter after leaving Germany.

DST first became interested in Takhtakhunov's personality in 1996 when it was noticed that a Soviet citizen was living in France with an Israeli passport. Takhtakhunov's lawyers won three cases, enabling him to extend his residence permit further. Finally he had to move out to Italy where police detained him on August 1.

The FBI suspects Takhtakunov of attempts of imposing on figure skating judgement at Salt Lake City White Olympics.

French e-media believe that "the Olympics-related suspicions are just a visible part of the iceberg and the man conceals far more serious things, for DST wouldn't oust him out of the country just for nothing."