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Russian-Iraqi cooperation programme does not run counter to international sanctions

The programme of long-term cooperation between Russia and Iraq does not run counter to the demands of the sanctions regime, Boris Malakhov, a deputy official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told journalists Monday.

According to him, the document, a programme of developing long-term cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Iraq in the trade, economic, industrial, scientific and technological areas, "does exist, something the Russian side declared about over a year ago." The programme targets 10 years, and Russia and Iraq have agreed on its main aspects. "At present, work on the document is coming to an end," the diplomat remarked.

"Taking into account a relatively long history of the issue, I would like to confirm that we have never concealed the fact that the programme, intended for developing business between the two countries, had been drafted," he pointed out. "It does not run counter to the demands of the sanctions regime against Baghdad at all," the official remarked. According to him, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia sticks to the international obligations it assumed. "This, by all means, concerns Iraq," he added.