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Finland celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Helsinki Olympic Games

The 50th anniversary of the Helsinki Olympic Games will be marked on Friday. Finland is celebrating this festive occasion.

On Friday, the anniversary day, the Olympic fire will be lit again in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. From the very North of the country sport veterans have been carrying the Olympic fire for a whole week already. It is still unknown who will light the anniversary fire on July 19th.

The festive occasion will be attended by 48 winners of the 1952 Olympics. They will come from a dozen of countries, and from Russia as well. The Helsinki Olympic Games are of particular importance to Russians. Back in 1952, they took part in the Olympic Games for the first time after a long pause imposed by World War I and the October Revolution.

The Russian Science and Culture Centre in Helsinki will open a retrospective exposition devoted to the development of Russian sports. The significant part of the exposition will be devoted to the Russian winners of the 1952 Olympics.